A new feeling; A new heart

Show me who you are

A new life; A new start 

Trust me to embark 

Take my hand and hold it tight 

Don’t let go just yet

 I’ll tell you when It’s right

Just enough of your smile 

To make me need you more 

Just enough of your skin

To make me ache 

Don’t plaster anything

 on that Face 

Just wait until your time 

All the noise those chains will make

I want to see you fly 

All the beauty from just the sun

Reflecting off those eyes 



Always the one

Chasing shadows

Always the one


Always the one

With knots in spots

Under my ribs,

All in my lungs 

Breathing in tight

Pain in and out

Human so I fall

Unclear sight.

Without all of You

All of me has gone

Without all the light

The Dark would swallow me up

Standing in doorways, 

Letting wind keep me shut

Falling in circles

Creating much 

Much ache in all sides

Trying to jump out my Skin

Into You

Into You

Leave myself to get to 


New One

She remembers finding herself


Lines through skin that deepen ;


Tops of trees, hands in between,


But she sought just enough 

Tread in deep mud ; Seeking

Out truth, hands, embrace.

Mind to the soul, tethered like rope.

Waves, waves dipping under her.

Calm , calm until breaking.

She found herself; unrelentless.

[Kings & Queens]

Can you see the glow beneath my skin, love?
Do you read the words that rest on my tongue?
My flesh feels transparent around you;
Like your skin always resting on mine.

I feel the fire inside me,
burning the nerves underneath my skin

I only yearn for the breath of you;
Just to rest my eyes upon yours.

But i always lose myself in the deep wide dark
The dark residing inside.
It has solid arms, smothering me under the weight of it

But i close my eyes and those arms are yours.
Those arms are on my waist, on my thighs, on my face
They hold on to the sides of me,
Releasing hidden energy

How are you real?
I open my eyes, but the world is my dream.
You are my hope, don’t you see?

Can’t you see the holes covering me?
Can’t you see that the gold shining through,
Is because of you?

(For those lovers)


You are red-primary color
I am hidden-underneath you
There is sand and blue behind you
Or is that just the ocean?

Sinking sinking sinking
Where’d you go?
You are red-a constant fire
You are here
You are gone
Are you nowhere?

I thought you were the ocean as i was enveloped beneath you
I thought i was broken, when your breath let out the fire
But you are not the ocean
You are not even fire

I am not nowhere
I am everywhere